When it comes to branding for women, advertisements have a unique history. Since the past few decades, women have been portrayed as an unspoken, calm, and flawless creature. Advertisements have shown women in stereotypical roles, like a housewife trying to remove stains from utensils or clothes or advertising for soap or beauty products.

The once a male-dominated industry didn’t know how to portray women authentically in advertisements. But then with rise in feminism and women assuming roles that were ‘traditionally’ men’s, there was an evident change in the air. In recent times, modern marketers have realized that women are not an option or just a pretty face; their opinion is a crucial factor in the brand’s success

The consumer research of Nielsen defines that women have truly impressive purchasing prowess—$5 trillion to $15 trillion annually.

Women influencers are an essential factor in successful branding strategies.

It’s a proven fact that women can influence branding strategies and business, whether it’s creating brand strategies or making purchase decisions.

Considering women control more than 85 % of purchases across a range of categories, many brands are missing a valuable opportunity if they fail to communicate with women.

Now let’s move to the branding for women-oriented products. For all the businesses that are looking out to attract female buyers, marketing just got easier. All thanks to social media. Below listed the ways how you can plan a marketing strategy for women-oriented products:

Know the 5 PPs

PP stands for the psychological profile of women. It is an essential factor that determines the purchase decision of women. Unlike how it is perceived, it is not that complicated to understand women if you consider the below profiles. 

1st:Active, Driven, Optimist – considers achievement and making a great impression.

2nd: Conservative, Nurturing – is focused on their inner circle.

3rd: Satisfied, Resolute, Planner – is very predictable.

4th: Stressed, Loner – involved in a high-pressure work or family environment.

5th: Social, Open, Outgoing – Experience junkie and a high-energy happiness seeker.

Successful social media marketing companies in India formulate their brand communication strategy by decoding profile of the target profile

Understand motivation behavior

Next, it is important to understand what motivates a woman? When it comes to them, they are really driven by personality, values and habits. Hitting into what’s necessary to her, anything she does a day in and out, and whatever makes a woman unique allows businesses to create value to females and impact purchase behavior.

How does your brand or product fit with her values? What does your product say about her? How does your brand image resonate with her personality?

Addressing these questions is the key to your marketing strategy for the women-oriented product.

Take the less explored approach

Traditional marketing analysis relies on language and, both of which are centered in the alert brain. While to improve marketing strategy, you can take help from traditional marketing research techniques too. Traditional marketing strategies can be applied; however, the execution needs a modern and women-specific approach.

Pink is past

Turning everyday women-oriented products ‘pink’ has been a default shortcut in bid to attract females. Although some women might like the color, using only that is restrictive, and will not attract women that prefer other colors. Remember, we are talking about going beyond the preconceived notions and stereotypes. Offering products or packaging in a choice of colors give women an opportunity to choose what works for them the best.

Finally, we believe the essence of marketing for women is to consider the demographic without any assumptions and ‘listening’ to what they want. The future of marketing for female-oriented products and services is exciting and hopeful with marketing services agencies upping their game by going above and beyond the perceived notions.