Any business involved in digital marketing knows that boosting content marketing efforts is essential for growth of their brand. In 2020, content marketing strategies faced the challenge of swift changes and their ability to adapt. When done correctly, content marketing strategies can drive brand awareness, generate revenue, and increase demand. So, how can a business do this right? We have listed 5 content marketing trends to leverage in 2021 – where adaptability is just as relevant.

1. Build the ultimate content experience

You know the feeling of opening a big packet of chips and finding its not even half filled? Now imagine the disappointment of clicking on a content link and landing on a page filled with pop-ups and advertisements.
Most users end up closing the tab in such instances. A user may stick around for longer time for the content that gives them an experience apart from mediocre content. For example, in this pandemic, we have shifted to remote work model. Instead of reading an article about things one misses about office, a user would spend more time on interactive experience, like I miss the office.
Remember, how a user interacts with the content is as important as what content the user is interactive with.

2. Amplify and search

With the amount of revenue invested in digital marketing, there is more content than ever. Brands should strategize on distribution aspect. To ensure that a user lands on the brands content, search and amplification are the two key aspects. Online marketing solution providers are now focusing on these arenas to strategize their content marketing for maximum ROI.

3. Hit the video recording button

Several short video applications have seen manifold growth in the recent times. In 2021, it is projected that people will spend up to 100 minutes each day watching video content. What’s more? Videos also give a higher and quicker ROI. To ensure maximum penetration, brands need to ensure the videos are short, crisp, engaging, and relevant. This strategy however also depends on the platform for which the brand plans to optimize the content. For example, Facebook’s algorithm values videos longer than 3 minutes.

4. Google!

The good old-fashioned digital marketing can be leveraged by creating websites with quality content and a positive user experience. Use of search engines and voice assistants go hand in hand. Users turn to Google search for their most pressing questions. Creating content that has no ‘fluff’, is precise, high quality, and accurate is essential to achieve visibility and reaching more prospective customers.

5. Artificial intelligence and chatbots

Artificial intelligence has shown an increasingly impactful role in content creation and delivery. Chatbots and AI are set to transform the ways not only in which we experience the content, but also in the way we create and deliver content and how we communicate with the global audience.
In the coming times, AI will inevitably continue to evolve and help content creators to build better-quality content. The AI-driven softwares can support the content-creation process by providing relevant information, references, and providing authority to everything that marketers create.
Chatbots on the other hand have now become smarter. They will be used to deliver information and support marketing campaigns more seamlessly. Application development companies in India are continually creating AI-backed softwares and chatbots that can be leveraged by brands.

What strategy will you apply for your brand? Share with us below!