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TATA Nexon Super Striker – IPL Game

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The Brief

TATA Motors is an official sponsor for IPL 2018. In order to engage visitors at Tata Motors website and dealerships, an online game had to be developed.

The Game!

The online racing game was integrated with the TATA Motor’s website. It could also be played at
Dealerships of TATA motors.
The online game was an integration between cricket and a TATA Nexon Car. The player could score runs
in the game by driving the NEXON car on a race track.

The results

Visitors engaged online on website:

Total number of games played = 11708
Total number of unique players = 1817

Visitors engaged at Dealerships:

Total number of games played = 2917
Total number of unique players = 473

The game was customized for Brand. Where users can score special points when special balls are hit.

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