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Tata Motors – Auto Expo 2018

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The Brief

3 Auto Expos in a row with TATA Motors for Runtime Solutions at the Delhi Auto Expo. Starting from a fledgling team in 2014, braving numerous odds, technical challenges, killer deadlines and the bitter cold of Greater Noida, armed only with a dream and a burning desire to make a difference, we made it for the 3rd year in succession at this biennial event. It gave us a platform to shine and spread our wings and fly higher. The Auto Expo date also coincides with the Runtime anniversary making it a double celebration and giving us a platform to renew our commitment to quality, innovation and pushing the boundaries.


Runtime was involved in multiple aspects for TATA in Auto Expo

1. POD's for Each Vehicles
2. Puzzle Game, and winners received free tickets to Auto Expo
3. On-ground Support
4. Creatives Support
5. Made of Great campaigns with Messi

The results

60k leads captured during event

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