Do you know that 527 million people in the world use mobile browsers that block ads by default! And another 236 million desktop devices existed as of 2019 end, that blocked ads, for a total of 763 million global devices. This stat is as per a PageFair AdBlock Report. It’s one of the reasons why new online marketing solutions are coming up and proving useful to various marketing services agencies.

Influencer marketing is one such marketing strategy that has gained a lot of demand in recent times. Not surprising because it has become a full-time job for many influencers, who are everywhere on social media. Influencer marketing is an effective way to bypass millions of Adblockers and reach potential customers. This is one of many benefits of Influencer Marketing, most of which are highlighted below:

  1. Building Reliability & Trust: People follow influencers because they trust them and are motivated. The time required to get the credibility and win the trust of your audience will be greatly minimized if an influencer promotes your business offering on their social accounts.
  2. Influencer Marketing is not Pushy: An Influencer’s followers have willingly chosen to get content, hence even a sponsored post of an influencer doesn’t appear pushy or spammy. This is a huge benefit and uniqueness of social influencer marketing.
  3. Boosting your SEO: One of the hidden benefits of influencer marketing is that your DA (Domain Authority) increases as the influencer not only promotes your business offerings but also share relevant links to your product/service from their website or social media. This creates quality backlinks, boost your SEO, and improve your Google search rankings.
  4. Increases Brand Awareness: With just one post, influencers can greatly expand the online positioning and reach of your brand. Your audience will get to know more about you through someone who is considered a trendsetter by his/her followers.
  5. Relevant Lead generation and drives Conversions: Why they are called Influencers? Because they truly influence the purchase decisions of their followers who believe in them! An influencer of your niche domain will greatly increase conversions and generate relevant leads for your business as they have immense reach & visibility with followers ranging from thousands to millions. This can help you reach your target audience in very little time. Besides, you also reach potential young millennials and Gen Z’ers.
  6. Supplements your Content Strategy: Have you run out of content marketing ideas or running out of time? Partner with an influencer and they will help fill in the gaps. They generate quality engaging content regularly and know the choices of their followers well.
  7. Possibility of very high ROI: Ask any social media marketing company in India, the importance of ROI (Return On Investment). Social media campaigns can have unlimited potential, they can go viral as they are shareable and reach a much larger audience than intended (Influencer’s followers), thus giving you a high ROI.

You just have to collaborate with the right influencer from a good Influencer marketing agencyand launch strategic campaigns for the target audience. This way, Influencer marketing can be immensely beneficial especially for startup brands like an application development company in India, and those struggling to establish a foothold in the market.