A good social media tool helps in executing marketing social media strategy seamlessly. A good social media tool saves time while achieving results, usually by automating a process while ensuring accuracy. An ideal social media tool should be affordable, easy to use, and helps you to highly organize your social media activities.
We have curated 5 best social media tools you can use in the year 2021 to leverage your social media game.


A toolkit for storytellers, unfold is a free application that helps you create engaging template for Instagram stories. Unfold is ideal for lifestyle brands that create stylish collages to garner high amount of engagement from the followers.


Often, we come across Instagram accounts with extremely high number of followers but has hardly any engagement in terms of like and comments. Fake followers never result into income.
HypeAuditor helps in weeding out fake followers. This helps in determining your brand’s organic reach. It also analyses your audience and provides insightful reports about their location, age, and gender, and alerts you which of them are ghost followers.


Great for when you extensively use graphics, or you are a start-up with no graphic designer on board, Canva is your saviour. It is a fairly easy to use graphic design website. Canva helps you to create custom on-brand graphics for your brand’s social media accounts. The website features a repository of templates to choose from. These can be chosen according to your requirement – everything from Facebook banners to Instagram stories to Twitter posts. Many features and templates on the website can be availed for free.


Social media is all about visuals. As a business that aims to achieve awareness and stay relevant, your social media must showcase vibrant and on-brand photos. Adobe’s Lightroom helps you organize and edit photos. Many useful features like sliders and filters make Adobe Lightroom a user-friendly tool. The tool is handy in creating beautiful photos even if you don’t have any editing experience. The tool can be accessed on both mobile device and desktop. Any changes made under an account applies across all devices, ensuring there is no loss of edits progress.


Hootsuite is one of the first social media tool that was introduced way back in 2008. It still remains relevant and runs across many platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, & Pinterest. Many social media marketing companies in India actively use Hootsuite.
It is revered for content curation, social media scheduling, monitoring, and RSS integration.

Hootsuite’s social media management tool helps for bulk social media scheduling. You can upload several posts at once in addition to client management support.

Marketing services agencies achieve the desired results by making use of the tools or similar mentioned above. To be able to make a decision about which tool might help your cause the best, it is wise to determine your business needs – it will dictate the most efficient tool based on your budget, requirements, and preference.