A website exists on a web server, owning which requires expertise. Web hosting is an online service provided by website hosting and website maintenance companies, which provide the technical expertise and other resources to store website content including images and videos on a web server. This enables your website content to be displayed when internet users type your website’s domain name or when it appears on search results... Read more

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a process that affects the online visibility of your website or web page. If a web page appears earlier on a search engine’s results, then there are more chances of the web page getting more visitors. These visitors have a higher potential to be converted into paying customers. Nowadays, almost everyone uses a search engine as their first option to find what they need online. Therefore, the importance of SEO is quite evident....Read more


In a world which is transforming headfirst into an "Experiencing is Believing" mode, we create cutting edge innovative concepts using an arsenal of tools such as AR, VR, Touch, Oculus, and 3D, to bring the brand USP to life. Briefs are no longer restricted to content and digital or analogue platforms per say and customers can indulge in an experience they are bound to remember.... Read more


Computer-based applications that allow users to create and modify digital content are called Content Management Systems. They provide a platform which can support multiple users in a collaborative workspace. Using a CMS will make it easier for you to manage your business online as it will help your content authors to keep the content and its preparation separate. You can also use CMS to store, control, revise, and publish documents....Read more


In recent times, there has been a surge in the sales of smartphones across the globe. Smartphones are like a round-the-clock audience touch point where you can not only spread information about your company but also directly complete online business transactions. This has led to an increase in the importance of Mobile Applications and Mobile websites for an effective digital marketing plan for a brand. A brand’s target audience can be effectively engaged, digitally, through an optimal and seamless user experience via a Mobile website or Mobile application.... Read more


Today, the internet can be used as an important tool to take your business to the next level. By marketing your business online, you can build and boost your brand image effectively and at the same time, attract the right users who can be converted to paying customers.Runtime solutions is a leading online marketing agency based out of India, which provides a complete range of online marketing services. Our team includes expert digital marketers who understand the trends and patterns of the digital marketing industry..... Read More


In an ever changing business landscape, your company’s needs and goals also have to be updated on a consistent basis. At Runtime Solutions, we provide customized CRM solutions, for your company, which can be easily integrated across multiple platforms, or departments, of your company. Thus, it can be effective in various daily operations like product sales, customer service and technical support. A customized CRM platform not only aids in collection of data based on past customer behavior but also helps to seek out new potential customers and resolve public criticisms.... Read more


In today’s digital era, having a website for your business is a must. A website provides a plethora of features and benefits to the business owner, like lead generation, order tracking and getting customer feedback. Websites act as a primary touch point for customers. The first impression about your business gets formulated, in the minds of the customers, through your website. A poorly constructed website not only loses you a potential customer but also tarnishes your company’s image & reputation. Thus we, at Runtime Solutions, have a dedicated team of web designers and developers to create and manage the website for your business or brand....Read more


There was a time when social media was used as a platform to chat and connect with friends online. With the advent of things going digital, these social media platforms have evolved and are today being used a medium for so much more than just connecting with friends. A number of social media platforms have been created in the past but it’s mainly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that are the current favorites. The importance of advertising on these platforms has been realized by the brands over the past few years. Social Media helps you reach a wider audience through SMM. We as a social media agency in India have helped several brands by providing all the expertise needed in this field and managing their social media accounts.... Read more